Science and Technique

Project 01

is an international scientific and technical journal, which publishes articles and reviews on various actual research areas, such as: Mechanical Engineering and Material Science; Metallurgy and Materials; Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials; Instrument making, metrology; information-measuring devices and systems; Radio engineering and communication; Civil construction and architecture; Transportation; Chemical Engineering; Ecology; Electronics; Energy; Mathematics; Logistics; Innovation Management; The theory of economic systems management; Economics and management of national economy by sectors and fields of activity; Marketing, management; Economic security; Humanitarian and socio-economic sciences; Engineering education; Earth Sciences. The journal publishes original scientific articles in Russian and English submitted by authors from Belarus and other countries.

Foundry Production and Metallurgy

Project 02

The quarterly scientific production journal «Foundry production and metallurgy» is published since January 1997, is issued in Russian with the summary in English. This is the unique, published on territory of the Republic of Belarus, professional journal for scientists and manufacturers working in the field of foundry and metallurgical productions. The journal is publishing papers devoted to structural and phase changes during solidification, heat treatment, processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Attention is paid to mathematical simulation of technological processes as well as to exchange of industrial experience. For 17 years of the successful publishing activity the journal was included into the list recognized by VAK of the Republic of Belarus.

Devices and Methods of Measurements

Project 03

In accordance with the resolution of the Supreme Grading Committee of the Republic of Belarus on July 8, 2011 №13/1 the Journal is enregistered in the science-list of bulletins for publication of results of dissertation researchers; scientific theme: "instruments and methods of measurements, control, diagnostics and evaluation of quality of objects and processes" (scientific fields – engineering, physics and mathematics), specialities: 05.11.00 – Instrumentation Engineering, Metrology, Information and Measuring Devices and Systems (scientific fields – engineering, physics and mathematics), 05.02.11 – Methods of Control and Diagnostics in Machinery, 05.02.23 – Standardization and Management of Products Quality (scientific field – engineering)

System analysis and applied information science

Project 04

Published since January, 2013. Founded on the initiative of the administration of Belarusian National Technical University as the means of information support for the process of introduction of information technologies to scientific, technical and engineering projects. Since 2015 put in the list of scientific publications of the Republic of Belarus for the publication of the results of dissertation research. The purpose of the journal is to public the results of scientific research in the field of the analysis of complicated technical systems and applied information science of academic researchers, PG students, that will encourage wider and more effective appliance of information technologies in scientific-technical and engineering research.

Energetika. Proceedings of CIS higher education institutions and power engineering associations

Project 05

International scientific and technical journal. EBERGETIKA has been issued since 1958. It is a scientific and technical journal in the field of power engineering, electrical power engineering, heat power engineering, power engineering construction, environmental issues in power engineering, economics in power engineering. The journal targets to disseminate information about the latest investigations, designs, developments of researchers. It also aims to promote new competences and publish the latest scientific achievements.